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Lawn Care Company Nationally Recognized for Service

Lawn Care Company Nationally Recognized for Service

Herbi-Systems, an innovative Bartlett-based business, was started by Kenny Crenshaw in 1984. The company has been working to meet the lawn-care needs of the greater Mid-South ever since and has been recognized on a national level for its efforts in marketing and service. Crenshaw, president and founder, originally began Herbi-Systems with partner Bob Taylor. “When I graduated from college in 1984, he wanted to get in this business,” said Crenshaw. Years later, Taylor decided to retire and Crenshaw bought him out and continued the business on his own.

Herbi-Systems offers chemical treatments for residential areas and commercial/industrial sites. Their services range from weed control and fertilization to seeding, sodding and fungus treatment.

With all of the chemicals that go in and out of the Herbi-Systems loading bay each day, the company prides itself on its environmentally-friendly status. “Our facility was built specifically to minimize impact on the environment,” said Crenshaw. “We worked with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Department of Agriculture to get it going. They are trying to get other applicators such as ourselves to be more environmentally responsible.”

Out in the filling and loading area of Herbi-Systems, the environmental efforts are evident. The entire facility is designed to allow immediate and thorough clean-up in the event of a chemical spill.

The truck-loading bay also allows the company to recycle. All of the trucks are brought into the bay and washed. All of the water that runs off of the trucks, which might contain chemical residues, is drained into a large bin that says, “recycled water.”

“If it was supposed to go in the yard, we wash it off and
Herbi-Systems put it back into the yard,” said Crenshaw. “A lot of times, people hear the word chemical and they think trees are wilting and animals are dying. It’s just not that way.”

Besides their environmental efforts, Herbi-Systems was also recently recognized by the BASF Corp’s Pendulum Award. The Pendulum Award covers several categories, and the company was awarded third place in the area of Marketing of Services for their work with

“The Pendulum Award was brand new this year,” said Eve Keller, Sales and Marketing for Herbi-Systems. “We received a fax giving information about the award and asking for submissions, so I put something together.”

Herbi-Systems’ partnership with all began when Keller got a call from Webmaster Jenny Rutledge. “They were just getting started and wanted people to advertise,” said Keller. “We are their only lawn business and they’ve given us lots of great advertising opportunities. They have a gardening show on Channel 3 on Saturday mornings, and they have invited us to participate in that. She’s also getting ready to start a magazine next year called My MidSouth Home, and she invited me to write an article for it.”

Keller continued, “She’s really looking to put people on the site who have great customer service, and put the ones who’ve forgotten about the customers out of business.”

Crenshaw accepted the Pendulum award in a ceremony in Tampa, Fla. in early November.

Herbi-Systems is located in Bartlett Corporate Cove East, behind the Brother Compound on Appling Road. Call 382-5296 to find out more.

By Elizabeth Cawein, Editorial Intern, “The Bartlett Express,” Vol. XXII, Issue 49 © 2001 Bartlett Newspapers, Inc. Published Thursday, December 6, 2001

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