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The Inaugural Workhorse Award (2014)

Recipient: Herbi-Systems President Kenny Crenshaw

In Recognition of More than a Decade of Service

The very first Workhorse Award was presented by national trade association Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), now known as the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), in honor of Kenny Crenshaw’s longstanding commitment to the Arlington National Cemetery’s Renewal & Remembrance project, which brings together more than 400 adult volunteers, approximately 100 companies and 40 children from across the nation to work on the grounds of the historic cemetery – – a labor of love valued at more than $200,000.

The effort includes mulching, cabling of trees, pruning, planting and aerating of more than 200 acres of the grounds in the historic cemetery. According to Crenshaw, he and his 300-member team added gypsum in 2014 to improve soil organic matter and water penetration as well as increase rapid seed emergence. The crushed limestone pellets also are added for the purpose of raising soil pH for healthier grass.

In addition to the many volunteers from across the country that Crenshaw supervises each year, he also involves his own employees and family members in this time-honored project.

“Kenny Crenshaw’s dedication to PLANET’s Renewal & Remembrance is a huge contributing factor to the event’s success. In every organization, there is one person whose involvement, if missing, would be a great loss. Kenny is that person,” said Bruce Allentuck, president of Allentuck Landscape Co. and chair of PLANET Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery.

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