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2015 Bartlett Expo

Herbi-Systems offers conscientious, professional service.

Gerry F. (customer for 12-15 years): “Good, conscientious service and very professional.” He also made mention of his route manager, Gabe.

Bartlett resident says Herbi-Systems keeps the grass green and weed-free.

Suzanne C. (12-year customer): “They do an outstanding job keeping my grass green and weed-free.” She pointed out the Rick Adams is her route manager.”

Long-time Herbi-Systems customers from Bartlett praise the lawn and weed control service.

Steve and Linda E. (16-year customers): Linda: “Herbi-Systems calls to check up and make sure everything is OK. It is impressive (as most companies don’t do this) and they will make anything right if you have an issue.” Steve: “They get the weeds out.”


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