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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I mow or water after an application?

    We recommend waiting at least one or two days before you water or mow. It is better to water a day before mowing to allow fertilizer to dissolve. Mowing is only a factor if you bag the clippings. You will be bagging up all of the beneficial chemicals or nutrients in the lawn. Remember summer applications need water more than others.

  • When is it safe for my children or pets to walk on the lawn?

    When the application is dry, the lawn may be used as normal.

  • How often do you treat the lawn?

    We treat the lawn about every five to seven weeks depending on the weather.

  • How many times a year do you treat the lawn?

    Herbi-Systems has seven treatments a year; from January to January.

  • Are the applications harmful to my family and pets?

    All of the products that we use are mixed and applied according to the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. In their diluted form they are considered by the E.P.A. to be “practically non-toxic.” There is not a single credible study linking lawn care products to any adverse health effects. In most every case, the products we use can be purchased by consumers at your local garden store. For more information on pesticide safety, please visit

  • Do you have an organic (all natural) treatment plan?

    We do not currently provide organic lawn treatments. “All natural” lawn care products are available; however, these products do not undergo the rigorous testing required to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. There is no evidence that these products are safer or more effective than products now in common use by professionals and “do-it-yourselfers”.

  • Do you trim trees or mow lawns as well as treat them?

    Herbi-Systems does not provide any cutting, trimming or mowing.

  • How do I pay for the service?

    Herbi-Systems will leave an invoice or a service slip each time we service your lawn. If the invoice is green or blue, there will be a charge indicated in the lower right corner of your copy, beside “as of today’s charges”, and there you will see the invoice amount to be remitted. A red invoice indicates a “service call” and carries no additional charge. You may send in a check with the envelope provided or call our office to pay by MasterCard or Visa. Your technician is not allowed to accept cash.

  • Is there a yearly contract required?

    No, there is no contract to sign or any obligation on your part. Our results speak for themselves.

  • Is there a charge for follow-up service calls?

    Please allow 7 days for the fertilizer and weed control to take full effect. If, within 6 weeks of your application, you need more weed control or fertilizer, simply contact our office. We will send your technician out free of charge. Applications are scheduled approximately 5-7 weeks apart. If a service call is requested and it has been 6 weeks or longer since the last application, the next application will be applied instead of a service call.

  • What kind of guarantee do you have?

    We will return, at no additional charge, to take care of any weeds that remain or to add any additional fertilizer after an application has been made, upon being notified by you, the customer. Herbi-Systems will do everything reasonably possible to make sure that every one of our customers is satisfied.

  • Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

    Yes, we have been a member of BBB since June 1988. Herbi-Systems is also a member of the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce.

  • Is Herbi-Systems licensed?

    All commercial lawn care applicators are required by the state Department of Agriculture to be licensed, bonded, and insured to apply pesticides of any sort. All lawn care application technicians are required to be tested, certified, and recertified every three years.

  • Why did the lawn turn yellow after the last application?

    Sometimes after an application in the summer months, the yard will get a little “tip-burn”. The salts in the fertilizer may slightly burn the grass. This condition is temporary. Please follow the listed watering instructions to aid in the recovery of a lush green lawn. In the fall and winter, your Bermuda or Zoysia areas may turn yellow to yellow-brown after this application. This is normal for this time of year. The yard is going dormant and may not turn green again after this application.

  • Why do I still have nutsedge (nutgrass) and dallisgrass?

    Dallisgrass, nutsedge (nutgrass, yellow and purple), and crabgrass are the most common summer grassy weeds in our area. The pre-emerge that we put on the lawn is designed to control crabgrass, not nutsedge or dallisgrass. Summer grassy weeds must be sprayed after they emerge when the temperature is consistently above 85 degrees, usually after June 1st. Please be patient with summer weed control. Most summer weeds need at least one extra application (no charge in between applications) during the summer months.

  • What is lime?

    Lime is calcium oxide applied in granular form. Lime helps improve lawn color and density, controls thatch, and increases root development. Lime balances the pH levels in the soil that have been affected by the fertilizer applications throughout the year. To read more about the importance of lime, please read our article entitled “Winter Care.”

  • Where can I find more information on local pests and controls?

    The best source for local pest information can be obtained from area universities and their extension offices. Listed below are links to local university extension websites that may be helpful:
    University of Tennessee Agriculture Extension Service
    Mississippi State University Extension Service

    University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
    Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

  • Do I have to be home?

    No. Most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Unless otherwise instructed, your technician will complete his work and leave an invoice at your door.

  • What if it rains after an application?

    Rain is beneficial following a pre-emergent, fertilizer, or lime treatment and will not affect results. If after 7-10 days, the weeds do not begin to shrivel and die out, please call and we will gladly retreat the weeds at no additional cost to you.

  • What about lawn disease?

    Our trained applicator will notify you if your lawn shows signs of disease. He’ll also advise you on the best treatment. Because lawn diseases are unpredictable and treatments are so variable, there is no guarantee of results. Application of lawn disease control is not part of our regular program.

  • What are your payment terms?

    An invoice will be left at the time of service. An envelope will also be left for your convenience in mailing your payment to us. Your technician is not allowed to accept cash. Please make payment by check or money order. Payment on account is due upon receipt of invoice. If you are not satisfied and are holding payment, please contact the office so we can take care of whatever problem you have concerning the lawn. A 30 day grace period is allowed. After 30 days, a 1.5% late charge or $2.00 (whichever is greater) will be added to your account and statements will be mailed at 2 week intervals until balance is paid. If balance exceeds 90 days and arrangements have not been made with us, the account will be submitted for collection. A collection fee, not to exceed 40%, may be added to the account at this time.

  • Is there an extra charge for treating poison ivy?

    Poison ivy is not controlled under the basic lawn care program. It may need a professional round up burn depending on the area and the amount of poison ivy present. We would have a manager inspect the area and give his recommendation for removal. To learn more about poison ivy, click here for another informative article.

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