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Herbi-Systems Expands Services to include Irrigation Maintenance and Repair

MEMPHIS, TENN. (March 15, 2013)…Herbi-Systems®, Inc., the largest privately owned lawn care company in the Greater Memphis area, has announced the addition of irrigation maintenance and repair service for both residential and small commercial business clients. The new service is expected to begin in March 2013.

“This is something our customers need for the overall health of their lawns,” said owner and President Kenny D. Crenshaw, who is known throughout the Mid-South for his “Lemme Kill Your Weeds®” TV commercials. “In order for green spaces to get enough water, irrigation is necessary during dry spells. A healthy turf also can keep out weeds and reduce the amount of pesticides used.”

According to and K-State Research and Extension, a healthy lawn also reduces pollen and dirt, acts as a coolant during summer months, helps keep surface and ground water clean, controls noise near roadsides, reduces soil erosion and annually produces enough oxygen required for a family of four. Further, research shows that established lawns can also increase a home’s value by 15 percent.

Herbi-Systems will use existing staff to manage the new service, which includes obtaining proper state certification each year to monitor backflow prevention, as well as repairing and replacing sprinkler heads and controllers, and installing rain and moisture sensors to conserve water for residential and commercial lawns with sprinkler systems.

“It is our goal to bring our top quality customer service to the irrigation repair and maintenance business,” Crenshaw said. “People have come to expect the best from us and we intend to continue our excellent customer service practices – which are unique to our industry – and that includes calling back every customer after every service to make sure each is satisfied.”

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Irrigation System Service

Herbi-Systems has begun offering irrigation system service and repair!